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Pastor Robin D. Holland
Rev. Dr. Robin Holland

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Listen to the Hope is alive radio broadcast with Pastor Robin D. Holland

Monday – Friday 5:00 am & 9:30 pm on KRKS 94.7 FM


Our 10:00 am Sunday worship service is now streamed LIVE on the internet.  To view LIVE services and archives please click the Netcast image in the right sidebar area.


We welcome you to visit us during our

Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship services.

Saturday worship service begins at 4:30 pm and our

Sunday worship service is at 10:00 am.

Both services are held in the chapel at

Living Hope Baptist Church

11373 E. Alameda Ave, Aurora CO 80012.


Our Mission Statement: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of biblical principles to encourage our audience to live by grace, foster God-honoring relationships, and integrate practical Christianity with debt-free living. 

Our Vision Statement:  To proclaim the Gospel and the message of Hope Is Alive to the surrounding region, nation, and world.








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Stations & Times

KRKS 94.7 FM - Monday – Friday, 5:00-9:30pm

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