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Small Beginnings…


The ministry of Hope Is Alive began 20 years ago when Living Hope Baptist Church was in its infancy. One of the members of LHBC approached me after church one Sunday and asked if my sermons were being recorded. My honest answer was “no” and that no one had ever asked me for a recording until she did. The following Sunday I was greeted by the same person, but this time she had a bag full of blank cassette tapes! She told me my preaching was different from other ministers she had heard for she had not heard many messages focused on God’s design for debt-free living and she felt the Christian community needed to hear more messages about applying God’s Word in a practical way to their lives. She told me the sermons were worth being broadcast locally. Her encouragement marked the beginning of Hope Is Alive.


Hope Is Alive’s first radio broadcast was aired in 1992. The ministry consisted of two staff members: me and the audio engineer. I laugh at that title because our audio equipment only consisted of a cassette player. Nevertheless, the engineer would faithfully send the sermon I had just preached to the radio station to be broadcast on the air. And for a season God blessed us to be able to broadcast Living Hope Baptist on television. Though the time we broadcast on television seems brief, it was enough time to birth a desire in me to grow and expand the ministry.


In December 2010 Hope Is Alive increased from airing daily only on one AM station to airing Monday through Friday on two AM stations and an FM station, as well as a Sunday morning broadcast! And the volunteer staff grew from two members to five with numerous ancillary members and contributors. Although the ministry is now only airing on FM, God has not stopped blessing us. The positive feedback and encouraging comments from our local listeners have ignited a fire in me that is far from extinguishing.


I praise God for the marvelous work He has already done with the ministry and thank Him for not only the vision He has given me, but for the loyalty of the long-term and new listeners who contribute to sustaining and expanding the ministry. I look forward to the journey He has for Hope Is Alive and thank you for coming with us!


 Pastor Robin D Holland


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